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Kyani Compensation Plan

Genealogy Trees

A genealogy tree is a means of tracking relationships between all the Independent Business Partners in Kyäni. In the Kyäni Compensation Plan, there are two genealogy trees, the Sponsor Tree and the Placement Tree. When a new Business Partner joins Kyäni, they appear in both trees.

Sponsor Tree

The Sponsor Tree is similar to a family relationship tracker. Everyone you personally enroll is positioned directly under you on your first level. When you personally enroll team members and they enroll a new Independent Business Partner, the new Business Partners are then positioned under your team members on your second level. This positioning is automatic and directly determined by who enrolled the new Business Partner. The width of your Sponsor Tree is as wide as the number of people you personally enroll.

Bonuses calculated using the Sponsor Tree:

  • Team Bonus 
  • Generation Check Match

Placement Tree

The Placement Tree is another relationship tracker. Unlike the Sponsor Tree, you have the freedom to place your personally sponsored Business Partners anywhere you desire in your downline. There are different reasons why leaders may place newly enrolled Business Partners in different positions of the Placement Tree. These include A) synergy of building a team; B) geographical considerations; C) personal relationship considerations; or D) building to the next rank. Proper placing of new Business Partners in your Placement Tree is important and helps you build a wider, deeper, and more profitable organization.

When you personally enroll a new team member, you may immediately place them in the Placement Tree or you may place them in the Holding Tank where you have up to 72 hours to decide where to place them. If you do not place them within the allotted time, the system will automatically place them in the first level of your Placement Tree. There is no limit to the width of the Placement Tree; you can build it as wide as you like. To be eligible for all bonuses, you only need to have three legs.

Your Customers may be considered one leg for Kyäni Monthly PayGate Accumulator calculations or for rank calculations.

In the illustration below, you will notice that George was placed below Mary. The same organization is represented in both the Sponsor Tree and the Placement Tree.

Elements that are calculated using the Placement Tree:

  • Rank
  • Fast Start
  • Rank Bonuses
  • Kyäni Monthly PayGate Accumulator

Qualification Requirements

There are two levels of qualification. The first is reached with 1QV per month. At this level, you are considered a Distributor. You are eligible for select Weekly Bonuses.

At 100QV per month you are considered a Qualified Distributor and are eligible for all bonus compensation. Beginning at the rank of Jade 150QV is required. Qualification is required monthly. To qualify, you can either have QV from personal customers or purchase adequate volumes of product to generate the required amount for your rank, or a combination of both.


Ranks are calculated based on QV from the Placement Tree. You may count 600QV volume from personal purchases towards ranks of Pearl and below and 1000QV for ranks of Sapphire and above. Ranks up to and including Diamond require two active (100QV) legs and Blue Diamond and above require three active (100QV) legs.

The Disclaimer and Income Disclosure Statment: Independant Distributor's individual results will vary. Your earnings based on your participation in the Kyani Global Compensation Plan will be based on many factors, including your individual skills and abilities, hours worked and market conditions.

Income Disclosure Statement


Rank Determination

Process Use the following process to determine rank. 1. Calculate total GQV (Group Qualifying Volume) and compare to chart for possible rank. 2. Does the QV volume outside of the largest leg (including personal and customer volume) meet the minimum requirements for that rank? (If no, restart with next lower rank.) 3. Does the QV volume outside of the largest two legs (including personal and customer) meet the minimum requirements for that rank? If no, restart with next lower rank. If yes, you have reached that rank.


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