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Kyani Business License (US) - Distributor Enrollment

  • 1 Kyani New Distributor Folder

  • 12 Months of Kyani Digital Suite



This is the least expensive of the distributor enrollment packs and a great way to begin your own business when you do not have a lot of extra money available. This entitles you to a distributor ID number that you and your customers will use when purchasing products from your very own web page. However, enrolling with the starter pack does not come with any of the Kyani products or unique services that will help you build your business. But, the good part is that when you do enroll, you have the option to purchase a supply of Kyani Sunrise sample packets that you can give to potential customers.

Not in the US? Select your country during the enrolling process (currencies vary the prices from country to country)

Business Partner Price: $89.00 (QV: 0 CV: 0 KV: 0 SV: 0)

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