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Kyani ON - Peach Mango

Kyani ON - Peach Mango

Kyani ON - Peach Mango


Peach Mango One box of ON contains six - 2.5 oz bottles. Kyäni ON is an optimized nootropic stack designed to support energy, cognition, memory, and overall brain health without being packed full of sugar and artificial ingredients! ON is: All-natural Gluten-free Dairy-free Only 3 grams of sugar Only 30 calories!

Turn ON your brain today!

Product Detail


Guarana - Natural caffeine source that supports brain function
Cognizin® citicoline - Brain health ingredient that supports attention, focus, and recall
Blue ginger extract - Natural ingredient from the ginger family that helps amplify and sustain energy from caffeine without any jitters
L-theanine - Heightens mental acuity and promotes concentration
Taurine - Amino acid that acts a neurotransmitter in the brain
Lion’s mane mushroom - Supports brain health and memory
Vitamin B complex - Includes vitamins that are essential for energy metabolism


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