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The best foods for boosting your immune system

Feeding your body certain foods may help keep your immune system strong. If you're looking for ways to prevent winter colds and the flu, your first step should be a visit to your local grocery store. Plus add supplementation with the superfoods. Stop viruses before they start!

A strong immune system helps to keep a person healthy. When the immune system comes into contact with a pathogen, it triggers an immune response. The immune system releases antibodies, which attach to antigens on the pathogens and kill them.
Incorporating specific foods into the diet may strengthen a person's immune response.


Garlic is found in almost every cuisine in the world. Garlic not only gives your meal some extra flavor, it is also one of the best foods for a strong immune system. Studies have shown that regular consumption of garlic can have a positive effect on blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Plus, garlic is full of antioxidants, which strengthen your body’s natural defenses.


The spicy, aromatic ginger root is used to add some kick to drinks, teas, soups, and Asian dishes, and it’s also a real superfood. Ginger is another ingredient many turn to after getting sick. Ginger may help decrease inflammation, which can help reduce a sore throat and other inflammatory illnesses. Ginger may also help decrease nausea.


Wolfberry’s high concentration of micronutrients suggests it is an exceptional health food. There are 11 essential minerals, 22 trace minerals, 7 vitamins, and 18 amino acids. Some of these are calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin B2, and vitamin C. Wolfberries contain dozens of phytochemicals. Mix them into your breakfast smoothie or sprinkle a handful of goji berries over your muesli for that extra boost to your immune system.


Broccoli is supercharged with vitamins and minerals. Packed with vitamins A, C, and E, as well as many other antioxidants and fiber, broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables you can put on your table. The key to keeping its power intact is to cook it as little as possible — or better yet, not at all.


This common winter vegetable is a regular ingredient in superfood dishes. The high antioxidant content strengthens your immune system and protects your body from diseases like Alzheimer’s and arteriosclerosis.


Another superfood is blueberries. They are loaded with vitamin C and potassium as well as other important vitamins. Be sure to eat them during cold season – in smoothies, baked oatmeal, or just as a snack. These purplish berries are anti-inflammatory vitamin bombs that protect against disease. The flavonoids they contain give them their color.

Eating a healthful, balanced diet is just one way to support immune health. Variety is the key to proper nutrition. Eating just one of these foods won’t be enough to help fight off the flu, even if you eat it constantly. Pay attention to serving sizes and recommended daily intake so that you don’t get too much of a single vitamin and too little of others.

Eating right is a great start, and there are other things you can do to protect you and your family from the flu, cold, and other illnesses.


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