You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough  ---- Mae West

Why should you invest in your health

Your health is the number one best investment you can make.  

Investing in your health is key to making the best return in all the other investments in your life. Income production can be directly affected by the quality of your health.  Sick or half sick and not being able to think straight cuts into your abilities to perform in every category.  Nevertheless, even knowing this we tend to take our health for granted while concentrating on making a living. Maybe you are more health conscious than most and know that what you eat has everything to do with your ability to perform—your health is directly connected to your wealth.


Unfortunately, most of the foods considered healthy today are mass produced and grown with artificial means in depleted soil, even the perfectly formed and cookie cutter identical fresh vegetables and fruits in the supermarket and health food stores. Feeding the masses is an industry and industrial food is lacking in so much of what our bodies need to keep from slowly degrading into poor health, if not now or soon, then for sure poor health in the future. Just look around you for the confirmation of that. You need to supplement your failing nutrition with vitamins and minerals.  That is not as easy as you might think for just taking vitamins randomly and, which brand is offering the most efficiently absorbed is another emergent in your pursuit for the ultimate goal of really good, uncompromised health.  

Well, there is a solution to the problem and thanks to two very wealthy guys that had all the money and wealth they needed, but they were very concerned with their health.  How many wealthy have made the statement that they would trade all their wealth for good health?  Kirk and Carl decided to pursue the quest for the best of all the superfoods on the planet, hoping to be able to get them somehow into their diet; and they finally achieved that about 10 years ago.

The learned from the best health practitioners what these superfoods were, where they can be found and how to glean them from their protective encasements into extremely high concentrations in order to maximize the potency of smaller amounts to ingest.  The list of superfoods is long, starting with wild Alaskan Blueberries, known for their being multiple times more nutritious than the common blueberry. The better known superfoods amongst health healers are the Wolfberries/Goji berries and Panax ginseng extract and so many more, a full list is available.      

Kyani Triangle of Health

We are fortunate because Kirk and Carl have made all of these superfoods available to us, which no doubt helps with their cost of securing these treasures.  The owners of this business have never taken any money out of it for themselves, yet they thrive on what they have done for thousands of people taking their superfood, mineral and vitamin creation every day.  The stories of personal experiences from over a 1000 people from all over are one of the rewards for having the foresight to achieve the best and least expensive way to feel the difference in our everyday lives.  So many people have contributed to the knowledge that it works with their stories of never being sick again after adding these supplements to their regular diets, which again we know even the health foods are not what they used to be back on the farm in the 1800’s. We can’t say we can cure illnesses, cancer and heart disease without being a doctor and without government documentation and without FDA wanting to call everything a drug—so we don’t, but those who had the personal experience can, yet even their surprise healing gets charged off by the medical industry as “misdiagnosed” and then there are miracles that can’t be explained by the Big Pharmaceutical firms endangered by any such cures from nutrition, not drugs.   

The company is called Kyani. Kyani means “Strong Medicine” in Eskimo. You can buy the supplements online; below we can get into that.

I often hear how expensive it is to eat healthy. Some individuals prefer to spend money on material items rather than spend money on healthy foods. We make our own choices. And, healthy food options are clearly not the priority…for everyone. But please remember, every day we grow older and with each passing day we have a chance to either build or break our health.

Without working on ourselves and improving ourselves every day, it would be unrealistic for us to expect a much different future from the one we have right now, it would also be unrealistic for us to perform better in the future, because we will be no different tomorrow from the person we are today.

That is why YOU are the most important thing you can place your time and money on.

You are the one who can make the biggest impact on your own health. To maintain or improve your health, you not only need to make good lifestyle choices – you need support and help to do so.




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